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BreslovCampus is a FREE online learning program for people like you who want to explore the life-changing wisdom of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

The most exciting English-speaking Breslov teachers connect with you in online living-classroom discussions that are fascinating, meaningful, and authentic. Real-time conversations and a messaging system enable you to connect with Breslov teachers when it’s important to you.

Why BreslovCampus?

When the Breslov Research Institute, publisher of over 70 titles in six languages was founded in 1979, Rebbe Nachman’s teachings were familiar to only a select group of determined seekers. Today, BRI is the foremost publisher of English-language Breslov books in the world.

Along the way, the most common question you’ve been asking has been: Your books are great, but I also want to learn in person with Breslov teachers—are there any in my town?

Except for a few notable exceptions, we’ve had to tell you that most Breslov teachers, including most English-speaking ones, are based in Israel.

We wanted to do something about this predicament. Like you, we know that online learning programs are very successful, therefore we thought: Why not build an online Breslov learning program? So, we did.

And BreslovCampus is that learning program.

What Will You Learn?

Rebbe Nachman is more popular today than ever before. And for good reason. People who read Rebbe Nachman’s works have the uncanny feeling that he is speaking directly to them.

With startling clarity, he pinpoints the trials of our modern age: the breakdown in personal and familial relationships; the rising incidence of depression, anxiety and other emotional problems; the over-dependence on drugs, alcohol and other soul-numbing diversions; the existential loneliness that we feel even as we are surrounded by more wealth and possessions than any generation has ever known.

The Rebbe saw clearly that sophisticated explanations are not the answer. “The greatest wisdom of all,” he declared, “is to be simple.”

“Gevalt!” he cried. “Don’t give up!”

Rebbe Nachman shows us how to navigate the challenges of this world and take control of our lives, as we build a successful, meaningful life.

At BreslovCampus, you will be given the opportunity to get to know the Rebbe’s advice as it pertains to the issues that matter most to you.

We’ll explore such topics as:

Food: Eat what you need and feel satisfied.

Speech: Using words to build intimate relationships.

Motivation: Getting out of bed in the morning and remaining motivated throughout the day.

The Right Attitude: How to find the good points in yourself and others.

Coping with Problems: How to find meaning even in life’s darkest moments.

And more.

What Those Who Study Rebbe Nachman Say

I first came across Rebbe Nachman’s teachings 18 months ago in a book on Emuna and I felt compelled to find out more about him. One of the first things I realized about his teachings was that they speak to my heart and my soul. They have deepened my spiritual life and have helped me heal old wounds.

Menucha Rochel, Cambridge Springs, PA

When I first read started learning the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov ten years ago, it was an incredible revelation to me regarding my purpose and place in the world as a Jew.  I learned what real emunah and bitachon was, and that every single thing happening to me was a message from Hashem.  My ability to “cope” with whatever challenges Hashem  brings me has been fortified with the real, deep knowledge that everything (yes everything) is for the best, whether I’m able to see it in a revealed way or not.  Rebbe Nachman’s teachings have brought peace, joy, and profound hope to my life and that of my family; I’m forever grateful.

Michelle M. Denver, CO

When I was first exposed to Rebbe Nachman’s teachings, I was immediately struck by how these teachings had direct application in my life despite the fact that they were written two centuries before I was born. Rebbe Nachman’s teachings provide me with a map which helps me continually discover who I really am.

Dov. G Potomac, MD

Rebbe Nachman taught me how not to despair even when I feel low. He also taught me how to be stubborn in my faith, even when things are bleak, so that I would eventually come to know great joy.

Dr. Harry H., Miami, Fl

In my studies, I am always amazed at Rebbe Nachman’s psychological insight into the deeper being of people.  So much of our lives are driven by anxiety – and yet what really holds us back from our full potential is imaginary.  Rebbeinu’s famed thought: “The world is but a narrow bridge, the essence is not to be afraid,” has unlocked so many opportunities for me spiritually, in relationships with my family and professionally.  I see how finite it all is…and how precious time is in accomplishing my mission.

Rabbi Gil B. Edison, NJ

How To Experience BreslovCampus For Yourself

There is no commitment, no fee, and you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space, because classes take place wherever you want to be—on the beach, on the bus, or on your couch.

So get started! Feel free to browse our recorded class archives, or watch one of our many great webinars.