What is BreslovCampus.org?

We’re the first live online learning program featuring some of the best English-speaking teachers of Breslov thought and practice. BreslovCampus.org is a natural outgrowth of its parent organization, the Breslov Research Institute publishing house which has translated and spread the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov to millions of people worldwide since 1978.

How much do classes cost?

There is no charge. Classes are free. Most course materials are free, too. Some teachers may suggest that you have certain texts available to you, and we make these available to registered students for a generous discount off the retail price. If you prefer, you may simply follow along without purchasing a text. There are no requirements except a willingness to explore and learn.

Who are the classes for?

Our exciting classes are for anyone who is seeking powerful insights into the soul, the meaning of life, spirituality, personal growth, life-path, Judaism, God, and more.

Do I have to be religious?

You do not have to be religious to benefit from these classes. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov is well-known for being able to connect with every person, wherever they are “holding.” Breslov Chassidut is known for its unique capacity to enrich every Jewish life.

Do I have to be Jewish?

The classes are rich in Jewish content because Breslov Chassidut is a profoundly Jewish path.Students with a strong desire to lead a life informed by Judaism, are welcome.

Are the classes for beginners?

Most of the classes are beginner to intermediate. People new to Breslov Chassidut or Judaism, or with some experience of Breslov Chassidut or Jewish knowledge, will find the classes valuable. Some of the classes may be described as intermediate. Each course listing lists the class level. If you would like more information about class levels, you may contact the teacher directly, they will be happy to discuss your particular needs and whether or not their class is right for you.

Are classes for men and women?

Yes. Classes are for men and women of any age from young adult, up. Some classes are for women only, which is stated clearly in the course description.

Who are the teachers?

BreslovCampus.org features experienced Breslov teachers with a wealth of knowledge and insight, passionately dedicated to sharing the life-changing teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov.

Where can I learn more about Breslov Chassidut before taking courses?

Visit Breslov.org where you’ll find hundreds of interesting articles on real-life topics like relationships, earning a living, and the meaning of spirituality. (Many of our teachers contribute articles to Breslov.org, so you’ll get a chance to experience their style.)

You’ll read about Breslov insights into the soul, Jewish holidays, prayer, Torah, Jewish meditation, topics in Likutey Moharan, fascinating Chassidic tales, the life of Rebbe Nachman and his followers and more.