Tuesday July 28; 8:00 pm

Believe In Yourself: Holy Self-Esteem for Women

with Chaya Rivka Zwolinski

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*After the challenges of the three weeks, it’s time to rise up and find your highest potential. In this mini-workshop, you’ll get valuable pointers on how to have a more positive self-image as you connect to the Holy Woman you truly are. We will:

Explore the Differences between Solo Self-Esteem (Isolated) and Holy Self-Esteem “Cherished and Connected”

Discuss External, Temporary Achievements vs. Internal, Lasting Worth

Learn How Holy Self-Esteem Makes You a Better Friend and Partner

Practice Real, Doable Tips for Developing a Stronger Relationship with…Yourself

This mini-workshop is interactive, so come prepared to think, dream, and share!


*For Women Only