Take An Online Journey To Uman

Join BRI founder Chaim Kramer, musician Shlomo Katz and a group from Efrat, Israel as they venture on a journey through the Ukraine that will change their lives forever. This special video presentation follows their journey as they listen to Torah and sing along with Chaim Kramer and Shlomo Katz while visiting the places of our heritage. Would you like to organize your own trip to the Ukraine? Contact us for more info.   Other links: Full Movie: Shlomo Katz Shiur: Reb Chaim Kramer’s Shiur:

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Find Out Rebbe Nachman’s Answers

Why do relationships fail and what’s the secret to good ones? How can we achieve peace in the Land of Israel? Is the world MY responsibility? What is the secret power of Moshiach? Who is the lost princess and where can she be found?   Discover Rebbe Nachman’s answers to these and many other questions in the upcoming semester at   Dear Friend, We’re hard at work producing all-new live classes and workshops with the world’s most exciting Breslov teachers and speakers. Last year, we successfully raised the funds needed to produce over 171 hours of Breslov learning...

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