Lesson 66 is the longest and one of the most intricate lessons in the first part of Likutey Moharan. Rebbe Nachman taught it in several stages, and touched on numerous themes, including, but not limited to the Tzaddik and his spirit; how to actuate potential; mitigating wrath and livelihood; truth, perfected speech and praying honestly; the downfall of the wicked; overcoming obstacles to one’s spiritual goals and so much more.

Jerusalem-based BreslovCampus teacher, Reb Meir Elkabas, brings this complex but essential teaching of Rebbe Nachman to life.

Topics include:

  • Eliyahu’s Spirit and Elisha’s Double Miracles
  • Kavanah (Focused Intention During Spiritual Service, Especially Prayer)
  • One Tzaddik, Two Spirits
  • The Passing of a Tzaddik
  • Masters and Students
  • The Way our Thoughts Work
  • Making it Real
  • Earning a Living

And much more…

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Class 1 - Sunday January 7 2018 This Class Is Dedicated By Pamela Stoneman May She Be Blessed With Every Bracha And Simcha

Class 2 - January 14th, 2018


Sunday, 10:00 AM EST – 5:00 PM Israel Time


Sunday January 7 through Sunday February 18


Beginner through advanced, everyone’s welcome. No previous class attendance is required.


Meir Elkabas


Kitzur (Abridged) Likutey Moharan, Lesson 66