Author: Yehudis Golshevsky

The Art of Emunah: Seven Pillars of Faith

Time: Sunday, 11:00 AM EST – 6:00 PM Israel Time Date: January 11 – March 1 (8 weeks) Level: All Text: The 7 Pillars of Faith by Rabbi Yitzchok Breiter Note: Text will be posted on the whiteboard for students who want to follow along, but students will be able to keep up with the ideas even without textual skills. There will be plenty of time allotted to answer your questions. This course is for women only. Emunah is vital to our well-being and has a profound impact on our day-to-day lives. Since it’s been said that the entire...

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Speaking from the Soul: Discovering the Spiritual Potential of Your Words

Women have a particular connection to speech—the Talmud tells us that “Ten measures of speech descended to the world, and women took nine of them.” But, aside from a knowing smile, what does this mean to us personally? Level: Beginner through advanced Text: Various, optional Note: This class is for women only. Textual skills are not necessary; Yehudis’ forte her ability to take more complex Chassidic concepts and break them down so that both relative beginners and more advanced students can absorb them. Those who have textual skills will be provided with source material to prepare or use as...

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